Eyewash Debra L11X



Emergency equipment for use of persons who are exposed to eye's risk, burns for splash of chemicals or solid materials.




- Made entirely in 316 stainless steel.

- Resistant to aggressive environments.

- Stainless steel polished basin of 270 mm diameter

- Manual and pedal operated.

- The only one of the market with a pressure compensating valve in the eyewasher sprinklers

- Stainless steel dust cover on the basin (optional)

- Working pressure of 0.7-3 kg / cm2 generating an air-water foam that does not hurt the eyes.

- Direct discharge to the ground in case you want to place it on a grid.

- Easy to transport, with packaging ready for moving.

- Self-supporting base of smelting aluminum of 300 mm.

- Obeys ANSI Z358 regulation

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TEL: +54 11 2122-2096

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Info técnica: debraexport@yahoo.it

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