Lavaojos Debra®DL11



- Constructed in pipe and pieces of 1-inch galvanized steel, and after being armed painted with Epoxi-polyester thermal paint (at 200ºC). Longer durability than other types of paints.

- 270 mm stainless steel bacha - Double-opening actuation with manual lever and stainless steel pedal.

- Plastic sprinklers of two positions that generate an air-water foam or thin stream that does not hurt the eyes.

- Double valve, one for regulating the fixed flow of water. .

-Double opening, pedal and pressure sheet.

- Direct discharge to the ground in case you want to place it on a grid.

- Self-supporting smelting iron base of 300 m.

- Easy to transport, with packaging ready to move.

- Obeys ANSI Regulation Z358.1