Showers and Eyewash of 304 stainless steel 

Here is how our patented shower opens from above and without high pressure crutches, flowing at low speed water in the form of drips, avoiding to hurt the burned skin.

All the showers and eyebaths of the Argentine manufacturer, are  obeying the ANSI Z358.1 regulation better than anyone else


  • - Made entirely from stainless steel.

  • -220 mm diameter polished shower, massive discharge of water without pressure generating a 1.5 meters water hood on base which avoids hurting the affected skin.

  • - Double valve of flow regulator.

  • - Shower with handle operator.

  • - Working pressure of 0.7-3 kg / cm2

  • - Basin polished to mirror of 270 mm with peaks that generate an air-water foam that does not hurt the eyes.

  • - Stainless Steel Sprinklers.

  • - Self-supporting aluminum base.

  • - Obeys ANSI Regulation Z358.1