Showers and Eyewash galvanized steel DL11 

  • Constructed of 1-inch galvanized steel, painted with Epoxi-polyester thermal paint (at 200ºC).

  • Shower sprinkler of 220 mm and eyewasher basin of 270 mm of stainless steel polished to mirror.

  • Double valve flow regulator.

  • Showers with stainless steel handle and massive discharge of water without pressure avoiding to hurt the affected skin generating a water hood 1.5 m on the base.

  •  Eyewasher with a working pressure of 0.7-3 kg / cm2 that generates an air-water foam that does not hurt the eyes. Direct discharge to the ground in case you want to place it on a grid.

  •  Manual eyewash operation and stainless steel foot pedal.

  •  Self-supporting base of smelting aluminum of 300 mm.

  •  Easy to transport, packaging ready to do it.

  •  Obeys ANSI Z358.1 regulation