Emergency Escape Mask and Respiratory Protection DEBRA F4 (SmokeEscapeMask)




It permits the evacuation in case of fire in the houses, companies and / or industry isolating the eyes and nose avoiding dangers derived from the inhalation of the smoke that contains gases and toxic particles generated in the combustion of the different substances in the place. 




-Fireproof fabric (with 100% cotton jersey base) that prevents it from shrinking, deforming or melting due to the heat.

Plastified with flame retardancy Level 3 (Iram 3585, Test INTI 30635/06). 

-180º vision with anti-fog treatment allowing constant visibility and lasting for years

-Breathing filter integrated into the hood to retain the irritating gases and / or toxic gases from the smoke by cooling the air to breathe and absorbing the lethal ones. Maden with nanotecnology.

-It has a security sticker with the corresponding date of packing and expiry date allowing clients to know the traceability of the product. The only mask in the market that has distinguished itself from the competition.